Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Bachelor

So, the other night my roomies and I plus some friends all had dinner together and then we turned on the tube to see what was on. The new season of The Bachelor was on. I have only seen a few episodes of any Bachelor show and it annoys me to no end to see 25 women fight over this one dude. They get catty and gossipy and lame and I get over it really quickly. But we all decided to watch the season premiere which is in ROME. Oooooo, special location, this guy's GOTTA find love in this city, right?! Even though the previous 8 Bachelors have never had their final relationships work out. But I digress.

So we sat there and for TWO HOURS watched this show. We honestly made fun of it the whole time. And then the show ended and I had a revelation...WE should be the ones who are being made fun of. We seriously just sat for two hours on a perfectly good evening and watched The Bachleor. It was quite funny.

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