Friday, September 29, 2006

Bigger or Better

On Friday night, the college group did a scavenger hunt called "Bigger or Better". I had never played before, but I had heard about it and thought it would be fun to try out. We split into teams and started walking around town. We went to people's houses, rang the bell (or knocked) and had conversations like this:

* door opens *

Us: "Hi! We're from (our church name)'s college group and we're playing a game called Bigger or Better. Do you have anything bigger or better than this dime?"

Them: (pause) "Huh??"

Us: "Whoever brings back the biggest or best item after two hours, wins. So do you have anything in your house or garage you want to get rid of? Something...anything bigger or better than this dime?"

Them: (trying to put it all together) "Uhhhhhhh..lemme think. I don't know if I have anything. Lemme look around the house. Where did you say you were from again?"

and so on...

My group went from a dime->stuffed animal->12 pack of 7 Up->vase->two mugs and saucers->coffeemaker->large painting of a rose in a frame->and finally a huge set of Venetian blinds! We totally thought we won.

We went back to the church...and were sadly mistaken. One group brought back a massive BBQ, another group brought a FRIDGE, and the winning team had a DOG! Yes, a dog! Who gives away their DOG!?! But a family actually did. They signed it over to a girl on that team and everything. The girl lives on a ranch and already has a dog, so she is keeping it. It was so nuts.

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