Monday, September 25, 2006

Let me introduce you... my awesome college staff! God has answered many prayers and provided the most amazing staff EVER. Even beyond what I could have imagined. I honestly feel so blessed to work alongside them in college ministry. From left to right:

Abrem - Abrem and I met a few years ago at my old church. He and I were in a small group together with about 8-10 other people. Amazing man of God. He just started as one of our interns. We were looking for men to mentor the guys in the college group and poof! Enter Abrem.

Karen - this is Karen's second year as a college intern. She and Abrem actually went to college together at Sonoma State, which is so fun. She is going to seminary, works at a bank, and interns with us. She rocks!

Haley up in the tree - LOVE HER! Haley and I met last year when she worked at MH's Outdoor Science School (where I used to work). She is my dear friend, accountability partner, and now co-worker. She organizes Genesis on Sunday mornings and is the admin. for college.

Ryan - we met two summers ago when we were both counselors for the high school week at Hume Lake. Ryan finished seminary (where Karen goes) and is now super involved at our church. Genesis, high school group, and now he is an intern for college. He leads the Worship team, leads a small group, and will soon be starting a ministry on the community college campus nearby with Abrem. Awesome guy.


Philip - Philip is 21 and going to college at Cal State Monterey Bay. He is SO talented when it comes to computers. Hence, he is our Video intern. This is his second year doing it. We make videos, slide shows, etc. and he takes them and turns them into GOLD. I would have no idea what I was doing, so yeah Philip!

Here is my rockin' team. They help with all the planning and implementing of our college activities. It feels so great to be surrounded by such solid people. We really have fun together.

P.S. And in case you're wondering...."The Other Side" is what our college group is called.

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