Friday, September 22, 2006


I just got back from being downtown today and I feel like it's gotten weirder than ever. I haven't been there in maybe a month or so, so it hasn't been that long, but I just had this strange feeling the whole time. The first thing I noticed was the increase in homeless people. I usually see a few when I walk around, but there seemed to be many more today. Every block, every corner. It made me super sad. The second thing I noticed was all the people selling stuff on the streets. Hand-made things or fortunes or some people just sitting there with cardboard cut-outs of political views.

I don't know exactly how to say it...I felt like it was darker downtown that I ever remember it. Like this darkness is just hovering over that area and it's slowly getting worse. I've heard from some friends who recently went downtown on a Friday night and they felt unsafe from some of the crowds or people there. I'm not sure what lies in store for downtown, but I do know I'm not planning on staying away. I love it there too much. There are too many fun spots I love to visit.

I will share my highlight of the day: I was walking by a man on a bench and he had a puppet. Propped up on his knee and everything. As I walked by the puppet started speaking to me. But you know how puppeteers try to not move their mouths so it looks like the puppet is speaking? Well, the puppet's mouth was opening and closing, but the guy was totally talking to me like normal. Odd, but funny. His puppet was dressed up as a grandpa and had a million questions for me as I walked by. "Hi there! How are you?? What are you eating? Where are you going? Do you like my glasses?" etc etc. It was cute.

P.S. The picture above is of Robert (aka: Pink Umbrella Man). He is quite famous in this area. He walks up and down the streets of downtown every day


People take pictures of him (and with him) and he is very nice, but I think a little off. Gotta love downtown!

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Lynette said...

ah. the pink man. :) he is such a legend. Britt and I got our picture with him two summers ago, and it is priceless.