Friday, April 28, 2006

It's official

Starting June 1st, by God's grace, I will officially become the College Director at my church!! Ahhhh...

This was a huge decision for me, including weeks of prayer and seeking counsel. It's been amazing to see how the Lord has turned my heart around during this process. I have a real peace that this is what He has in store for me next. It is of course, very scary to think that I will be in charge of a whole ministry, but I had a revelation a few weeks ago that has been so awesome.

When I was co-leading the college ministry with my boss Charlie, I didn't need to rely on God. I relied on Charlie. Charlie has been in ministry for years and he knows what's going on. So I always went to him when I should have been going to God. Now that Charlie will not be there anymore, I'm left alone. But I'm NOT alone. This is going to give me the opportunity to run to God when I am nervous or feel inadequate. When I have doubts or feel scared. I will be depending on Him so much more. I should have been doing that since the beginning. But now it will really come into play.

And you know what? That excites me. Relying on God like I never have before. It's going to be hard and I'm going to learn alot. But I feel like my life has been leading me up to this point, so I am feeling ready for it.

Oh college students....we have more good times ahead of us.

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