Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Gordon House and another goodbye

I love my house. I have had the privilege to live in the same house for the past three years. We call it the Gordon House. It was built in the 1940's by the grandparents of my friend, Jen. They both passed away a few years ago and we were allowed to move in and pay rent. When we walked into the house and were checking it out, we found out Jen's grandfather was named Gordon. We said, "You know...this house just feels like a 'Gordon' House." And the name stuck. We like to call ourselves "The Gordon Girls". (Not to be confused with the "Golden Girls" ha ha)

We have had some amazing women live in this house. But sadly, many have left. Marriage, new jobs, change of location, all different reasons. It's hard when they leave. The Lord has been super faithful in providing new roomies, but it's still sad when one leaves. Today was such a day. My dear roomate, Cara, left today to move up to Seattle to work with Wyldlife (the middle school Young Life). I am so happy for her because this is her heart's desire - but selfishly I wish she could have stayed here. I am going to miss my friend.

I guess this is just part of life. It's such a strange, transitional time. Losing roomates, meeting new ones and learning how to live with them. It's all good though. I am very thankful for the roomates we have had in the Gordon House. Each one has been special and has left their mark on this place. Jeni, Dana, Katie, Nefertari, Lindsey, Carrie, Cara, and soon to be Laura...I love you all. Thank you for all the laughter, smiles, hugs, talks, good times, and for sharing life with me.

I heart the Gordon House 4-evah.


caramac said... you...miss you already...can't call ya'll yet b/c I might get too sad....start work in the AM...hopefully that will start to ease some of it. have fun with Laurel in the upstairs - and don't cry for me, Argentina. love c.

Smarshie said...

Hi Macsies, my love. I just got pictures back and the ones of us in front of your car are so great. I miss you and am praying for you. Call whenever you feel like it. We will love you up over the phone. =) Seattle sounds SO great so far! Yeah! Have fun at Horse Whisperer Canyon or whatever it's called (ha ha)