Saturday, August 27, 2005


Bittersweet (adj) - Pleasure (happiness) mixed with sadness. -- Webster's Dictionary

I am finding myself using this word a lot. There is a lot of change going on in my life. It's not bad, it's all very good. But this word seems to pop into my brain when I think of how to describe these transitions.

For example, camp ended a week ago. Best summer ever. (I like to speak in extremes) I am so happy that I got to experience this summer at Ponderosa and I loved all the kids and staff I met. But I am sad that those kids and new friends are now gone.

Another roomie just left this week...precious Laura (aka: Lola). Just like when Cara left, I am so flippin' excited for Lola and her new job up in Oregon. She is going to have a blast! But...I miss my friend and roomate.

And lastly, yesterday was my last day as the intern here at camp. On Sept. 7th, I start my new job as the college mininstry associate at my new church. I will miss working here with such amazing people, but I can't WAIT for this new opportunity. I think it is going to be a great job.

Bittersweet feelings.

I think it's good to be sad about what is gone. It shows how much I loved it and how much it meant to me. But then it's good to look ahead at what God has in store for me next. And I'm STOKED! I am all about bring it on.


caramac said...

Am I the only one who leaves comments? Marshie, I love you, girl. It was great to hear your heart last week....honesty truly is the best policy, so way to not avoid the feelings of your heart. Hugs and see you on the 9th. c-mac:)

Thegoodz said...

I leave them too..Marshie it just wasn't the same with out you at work this week. I miss bobble heads, post it note maddness, head first movements, and deep gut wrenching laughter....

KNOW your loved, and missed.


Smarshie said...

Macsies, I can't believe I get to see you soon! I am so excited! I hope you are doing well up in WA.

Scotty, I bet you especially miss Carly the singing hamster busting out, "She works hard for the money!" Haha. Seriously though, I miss you guys, too. I hope you have a great vacation! (P.S. Your picture KILLS's so flippin' awesome)