Sunday, December 16, 2012

Intern Scott was here!

I had a wonderful intern for a year and a half when I was leading the college group at my church. On this blog, he is affectionately referred to as "Intern Scott". Intern Scott moved to Florida in late August to become a middle school and high school pastor at a church. But this weekend, he came back to visit! We had a great time.

Friday night we (Scott, myself, and our friend Grace) went ziplining through the redwood forest at nighttime at a nearby camp. There are Christmas lights everywhere in the trees and on bridges. It's called "The Twinkle Tour" and it was very fun (but cold).

Saturday a group of us got up early and drove 40 minutes to the nearest IMAX movie theater because Scott really wanted to see The Hobbit on an imax screen. We also watched it in 3D. I am a total LOTR nerd, so I enjoyed it very much. I don't think it's giving away too much to say: 1) it has a different feel than the other LOTR movies. It's lighter, has funny moments, and focuses mostly on the dwarves (instead of elves, men, or even hobbits). But there's still some great action scenes. 2) It is LONG (go to the bathroom before you watch it). 3) I love Martin Freeman (Bilbo) and Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield). There are also some familiar faces from previous LOTR movies. This is our friend's son who dressed as a hobbit (minus the furry feet).

Saturday evening we had our house's annual white elephant gift exchange. Those are always so great. Amongst this year's offerings, we had a 90's care package (including a Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack and gold MC Hammer pants), men's soap/lotion called "Fresh Balls" (gross), and the scary 70's Jewish Tootsie librarian painting made an appearance for the 3rd year in a row. Eck.

Sunday we had a college group reunion at a local diner. Everyone loved seeing Scott. And I loved seeing everyone! Since I'm not leading the college group anymore, I miss seeing them consistently every week.

And then to put a big red bow on the weekend, our church does a big Christmas concert. This year had a Celtic theme so there were Riverdance-type dancers, Scottish bagpipers, choirs, violinists, penny whistles, a full orchestra, and a drumline. It was fantastic.

 Come visit us again soon, Scott!

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