Monday, June 11, 2012

bullet points

Life lately:

* Went to my third Giants game of the season last Friday. Have a few more coming up. Addicted.

* A dear friend I used to work with (who lives 3 hours away) has been in town for a work trip and crashing with us the past few days. It's been so fun hanging out and catching up with her.

* College group kicks off for the summer this Wednesday. Sarah, you better WERK!

* I LOVE SUMMER. Sunny days are my favorite. Tonight my roomates and I made dinner and then had strawberry shortcake. And it was still light out. At 7:30 pm.

* Went hiking yesterday. Bliss. The forest smelled amazing.

* I miss my nephews. Samuel turns 1 on Saturday!

* Just bought the book "The Gospel According to Harry Potter". I am seriously going to blog about all the fun parallels between the books and Christianity. I'm lovin' it. (Not the McDonalds jingle)

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