Saturday, March 17, 2012

trampolines, in-n-out, and pranks

Intern Scott has been out of town and I have been busy at work and when I get home all I went to do is lay down and watch Downton Abbey (go "instant watch" season 1 on netflix). So I haven't been blogging much.

But there was some fun to be had this weekend. Friday night was our annual Ladies Sleepover/Guys Manover. We do this every year. We go out together and do something fun, and then the genders split to different houses for an overnighter.

Last year we went to this building filled with trampolines and we had so much fun we went back this year. They have three main areas: the big jumping spot with a ton of trampolines all together, a dodge ball court, and a foam pit! So fun!

Our favorite part of the evening was doing Ellen's Dance Dare. Ellen DeGeneres has presented a challenge to America - dance behind someone who has no idea you're doing it. Videotape it and upload it to youtube. She takes people's videos and shows them on her show. We were doing it all night! It was so hilarious. Here is one of 7 we did during the evening:

After all the jumping we were starving so we went to In-N-Out. Yum! While we were there, we saw a prom proposal within a bunch of high schoolers. It was adorbs.

Then, we split up. All the guys went to one house, all the ladies to another. We hung out for an hour and then it was PRANK TIME.

We got in our black and camo and loaded up with silly string and saran wrap. We went to the boys' house and were going to silly string our names in the driveway but they were waiting for us! They hid in the bushes and jumped out with the water hose. We fled back to our cars and drove away. But we weren't done. We secretly drove back to their house and began saran-wrapping the bridge that leads to the guys' house.

My highlight was when we thought we heard footsteps in the darkness. There were ladies stuck on one side of all the saran wrap and couldn't run through. So they all fell to their hands and knees and did soldier crawls under all the wrapping to get out. We were trying so hard not to let them hear our laughter.

We congratulated ourselves for winning and drove back to the house. Little did we know, they knew which house we were staying at (I don't know how! No one told them where we were staying!) and came at 4 in the morning. They vaselined all the car door handles of our cars and sadly one girl left her car unlocked. They opened it and filled the ENTIRE front seat with shaved paper.


Disclaimer: I know I'm 34 but this stuff is so fun sometimes.

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