Tuesday, January 10, 2012

what's going through my mind right now

* I might be going to my first Cirque du Soleil show EVER on Saturday night.

* I have Tim Tebow fever.

* I get to see my nephews tomorrow! *squeeee*

* I LOVE this sunny weather. It's January and I was in short sleeves today.

* I got a new pair of athletic shoes and I've been running a few times a week. Who AM I? I hate running. Why am I going running?

* The show "The Bachelor" makes me embarrassed for my gender.

* I wish it was March 23rd so I could see The Hunger Games movie.

* I wish I didn't get nervous around boys I have a crush on.

* I'm taking 20 college students to Tahoe for a snow trip in 2 weekends. The only problem is there's no snow. Hmmmmm.

* My hip-hop dance class has started up again. Yeah!

* We still haven't taken down our Christmas tree yet. It's January 10th.


New Branch said...

i laughed all the way thru this post

Smarshie said...

I AM going to my first Cirque de Soleil show tomorrow night!

We still have not taken our Christmas tree down. It is January 13th.