Monday, January 16, 2012

kayaking and Michael Jackson

I had an amazing Saturday and I would love to share it with you all.

First, my friend Laura invited me to go kayaking because she bought groupon tickets months ago and wanted to use them. So off to Monterey we went! It was such a beautiful day. We saw all sorts of fun stuff: scuba divers (swimming below us), kelp forests, jellyfish, seal lions, harbor seals, and my favorite: a mama sea otter with her baby! We weren't allowed to get too close so hopefully you can see them in the picture. The mama is on her back and her pup is laying on her stomach. So so cute!

We ended up at the end of cannery row where the Monterey Bay Aquarium is. I grew up going there with my fam and have always loved it. There is an area where you can walk outside and look at the bay. It was such a cool experience being on the other side of it - out in the bay, looking at the aquarium.

Then that evening, I went to my first Cirque du Soleil show EVER. Have you been to one? I've heard about them and seen pictures but never experienced one myself. The family I used to baby-sit for (8 years ago) had tickets and wanted to take me. (P.S. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who want to invite to fun stuff like this, both kayaking and the Cirque show).

What made this show special was its theme



Here's the description of the show: "This once-in-a-lifetime electrifying production will combine Michael Jackson music and choreography with Cirque du Soleil creativity to give fans worldwide a unique view into the spirit, passion and heart of the artistic genius who forever transformed global pop culture."

It was amazing, you guys. I just sat in awe the whole time. They played every single MJ hit and had dancers, acrobats, aerialists, costumes, LED suits that changed colors, etc. The choreography blew me away. We weren't allowed to take pictures or video, so here's the official preview they released on youtube:

If the tour comes to your town, you should definitely go!

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Jody said...

I don't know if I'll make it to a Cirque show, but I DO love to kayak in Monterey Bay!