Monday, January 02, 2012


I think I am 5 years behind everyone else when it comes to technology. Mostly in the phone area of technology. Part of that is by choice. Part of that is stubbornness.

First off, I don't want to pay the extra money for a smart phone. And the phone plan.

Next, I don't want the freaking internet at my fingertips all the time. I already struggle with pulling away from my computer at work or home. I don't want to be tempted to be online every other moment in life.

I don't like it when people say they can't live without their smart phone. I'm on eharmony and there's a section where you put the "5 things you can't live without". I cannot even tell you how many guys have their iphone in the top 5 (Some even have it as #1). Really, men of America? Really? You cannot LIVE without your iphone? I'm deleting you, sorry.

And lastly, I don't like that they are a status symbol. "Oh, you have the droid? I have an iphone. It's way better." Or "You have an iphone? Which one? Just the 3g? Well, I got the new 4s. It's way better." It promotes competition, elitism, superiority/inferiority complexes, and lame conversations. And honestly, the second you get the new updated version of your smart phone, a new version will be released 6 months later. It's ridiculous.

But with all of reasons to be against smart phones, I am thinking I might need to get one next year.

When someone has a question, I can't answer them. Everyone else can pull out their phone and google it.

People don't need to carry around a phone and their camera, like me. A smart phone does both.

When someone asks me to hang out, I tell them, "I'll have to check my calendar at home (or work) and get back to you." Everyone else can pull out their phone and check their calendar right there. And then type in the hang-out time.

I get lost a lot. Something with GPS would be nice...

And I begrudgingly admit it would be good to use with my college students. We can talk about apps and play games against each other. Those are things they do with each other right now and I cannot join them. And I never know what they're talking about.

I'm torn. I would love any advice. Should I get a smart phone? If so, which one? Or should I continue to hold out? Even if it makes me 5 years behind everyone else in technology?


Susannah said...

hmm. so i too felt all the same things you do. then my phone died in august with no hope of revival. i got an iphone. i do like it- a lot. but i also wonder if in some ways i was better off without it. i am torn- i can't tell you how quickly i can look things up and find things and...etc etc. BUT the downside is the same. where is the time for imagination, thought, stillness? i can fill those empty spaces with my phone.

Emily said...

I have a droid with 3g. I could care less about the status behind it. It works great for me. I can live without it, but I admit it would make my life much less convenient. LOL! Top 3 reasons to get a smart phone.
1. GPS. It is so handy!
2. Being able to look up stuff online as needed when I'm away from my computer, especially on road trips.
3. The awesome apps.
Top 3 reasons not to get a smart phone
1. It is easy to get addicted to having the internet at your fingertips. This was only a problem for me in the first few months of having a smart phone, though. Then I got over the novelty.
2. Cost. Definitely an increase in the monthly bill. For me it is worth it, though.
3. I can't think of a third.

New Branch said...

they're awesome

- sent from my iPhone

Smarshie said...

Sooz, that's probably my biggest concern. Will I have the discipline and self-control to not consult it every minute of the day?

Emily, I got lost Wed. night at our college kick-off in SJ. The whole time we were circling town trying to find a freeway, I kept thinking, "THIS is why I need a smartphone with GPS..."

Aimes - exactly HOW many slaves would I be employing if I bought an iphone?

Anonymous said...

Marshie, my thoughts: iPhones are awesome. But being in ministry, you do have to have boundaries so that you're not "on" 24 hours/day. For me that's simply meant then having to identify between work/personal calls/texts, and then choosing not to respond until business hours. Sometimes I"ll purposefully leave my phone in the other room, but I find it refreshing. So really, I think you can do it. :)