Friday, December 02, 2011


*a text I sent my sister today*

"Who has two thumbs and just got a steroid shot in her bottom?


Yes, my friends. I have steroids running through my veins right now.

I feel powerful.

Not really.

Basically my allergies have been worse than usual the past couple months. So I finally decided to go visit my doctor. We talked awhile and then she prescribed me a new medicine and a new nasal spray.

"Sarah, I'm also going to give you a shot of steroids," my doctor said.

"Huh?" I said.

"We give them to patients if they have bad reactions to poison oak or allergies. It helps calm your body down," said my doctor.

"Oh okay," I said and started removing my sweatshirt so she could have a good shot at my arm.

"It's going in your toosh," said my doctor.

Nothing, said me.

I looked at her in silence for a couple seconds. Um, I've heard about bum shots but don't they just give those to babies?

So yes, I can now officially say I've been shot in my bottom (bucket list?) but the best part is that at any moment I could turn into the She-Hulk.



New Branch said...

1. you totally mooned your dr.
2. you are ready to play baseball (sarah bonds)


Smarshie said...

I AM DYING LAUGHING! Why are you so funny? I totally didn't even think about the baseball possibilities!!

Emily said...

Nothing, I said.
Line of the year!
You crack me up.