Wednesday, December 28, 2011

family, food, and fun

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I just got home from 4 lovely days at my parents' house. My highlights:

* My nephews. Judah who is 3 and baby Samuel who is 6 and a half months old.

* On Christmas Day after opening gifts, my dad brought out all of his remote controlled cars for people to play with. It was so fun!

* Food food and more food.

* Singing carols at the nearby assisted living residence on Christmas Eve.

* Seeing Judah play with the toy violin I got him for Christmas.

* Getting not one but two SF Giants blankets! (Is it April yet?)

* Seeing the musical "Bring It On" with my sisters. Yes, they have made the cheerleading movie Bring It On into a musical. BUT it has two things going for it: 1) they do ah-MAY-zing flips and stunts in the air! 2) Lin-Manuel Miranda (who my sisters and I love because he wrote all the songs and lyrics for In The Heights) co-wrote all the songs and lyrics for this one. And we'll pretty much see whatever he has done. That man is so talented.

* Good talks and hang-out time with my family

* Mission Impossible 4 - go see it. It was very entertaining. (I love Simon Pegg!)

* Um, and have I mentioned my nephews?

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New Branch said...

i love everything about this blog...oh wait that's because it is my blog. :) its okay, we share holidays, photos and a brain.