Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Banquet

College group is done for the semester! Wooooo!

We had our annual Christmas Banquet to end out the year. And I can honestly say this was the best one we've ever had. Everything went well and was fun.

I loved seeing all the college students dressed up. My friends Jenn and Steve made a delicious meal for us (3 different types of pasta, 3 different sauces - marinara, alfredo, and pesto, and 3 meats to choose from - meatballs, chicken, or shrimp). Intern Scott sat in a grandfather-type chair and read a re-telling of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" while wearing fake glasses and holding a pipe. We played games (wrap up someone at your table and a gingerbread house competition). We had a white elephant gift exchange. And to top it off, DANCE PARTY!

Here are some pictures to showcase the evening.

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