Thursday, September 08, 2011

what I'm learning (using pictures)

Life has been busy lately. I thought I'd share things I've been learning. And since I'm visual, I'll use pictures.

I've learned the value of finding a job you love and being committed to it.

I've learned there are some stores (and products) I will never understand. Smile and move on.

I've learned that I will always love the SF Giants, even when they're not doing well in the season.

I've learned if you teach college students the cup game, they will be entertained for an hour.

I've learned that Intern Scott does not enjoy pranks. We learned this after his car was "loved".

I've learned how fun a new fall season can be. There will be times when things feel monotonous and slow. But this is not that time. Dwell in the excitement and let the joy flow.

I've learned that good friends are one of the biggest blessings in this life.

1 comment:

Jody said...

I love all of these. Your hair is so cute!
Scott's car! I LOL'ed.