Sunday, August 28, 2011

Glee season 3 spoilers

With the Glee Project taking up most of my summer, I forget about the actual kids who are on Glee. They've been filming for a couple weeks now and I have been trollin' the interwebs to find out some spoilers. Don't read if you don't want to know what's coming up at McKinley High.


* The first episode is called "The Purple Piano Project".

* Trouty Mouth is gone. Chrord Overstreet will not be back at McKinley High. The reason? No one really knows. Executive producer Brad Falchuk said: "We did invite him back for a portion of the season, to see if being a regular was a possibility. But he declined the offer, which we were really disappointed by." Falchuk said they had a storyline in mind for Sam. "We wanted him back because we like Chord personally and had some good stories planned for him and with Mercedes (Amber Riley)," he explained. "He decided he would have opportunities elsewhere that he would like to pursue, and we can't force him to work, so we wished him well."

* Because of Sam's departure, Mercedes has a new boyfriend she met over the summer. Friday Night Lights' LaMarcus Tinker will portray Mercedes' new love interest. Formerly known as 'Bubba', he's a massive linebacker for the McKinley Titans.

* Darren Criss (Blaine) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) are now season regulars.

* Kurt convinces Blaine to transfer to McKinley and be part of New Directions.

* Santana and Brittany are back on the Cheerios. Santana is named captain. But she has a co-captain. And apparently, that person’s not too keen on sharing either. (we don't know who the co-captain is yet, but I'm guessing it's Becky)

* Quinn has pink hair in the first episode. Rumors are she's gone all "bad-girl". Rocker clothing, pink hair, smoking, etc. She doesn't want to go back to New Directions.

* We are going to meet Mike Chang's parents. Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) said "We're going to see how Mike's parents feel about Tina not being in a traditional Asian family, because she was adopted."

* Rachel will join the school musical this season.

* Sue's running for Congress. She doesn't just wanna end the glee club. She wants to end all glee clubs. Her platform is "No arts in schools". And she will also be getting a new love interest.

* Idina Menzel is back for 10-12 episodes. More duets with Lea Michele, please! (I still get goosebumps when I listen to their "I Dreamed A Dream" song from season 1)

* While the previous two seasons have included multiple tribute episodes (Madonna, Britney Spears, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lady Gaga, Fleetwood Mac, etc) Ryan Murphy will have just one tribute episode in season three. It sounds like it will be a two-hour television movie in the second half of the season (ie. spring)

* Finn, Rachel, and Kurt will be graduating at the end of this year, but "because they’re graduating doesn’t mean they’re leaving the show. It was never our plan or our intention to let them go. They are not done with the show after this season." -Brad Falchuk. Mike Chang is also a senior this year but we're not sure about the rest of the kids (I think I read somewhere Quinn, Puck, and Santana are also seniors). Tina is a junior so that will cause some issues between her and Mike. And they said (jokingly?) they might flunk Brittany so she can stay on the show.

* Two new female characters: Sugar, who is well-off, self-confident, and has a terrible voice played by Vanessa Lengies (did anyone ever watch American Dreams?)

There will also be "Sheila", a tattooed modern-day Joan Jett. Don't know who will be playing her.

* Two new male characters: Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty from The Glee Project! WOOOOO!!! So happy. Lindsay and Alex will get a 2 episode arc but both Sam and Dam get a 7 episode stint with the possibility of becoming regulars if fans like their characters. Can we get Cameron on, too? Please???

* Speaking of the winners of the Glee Project, one of them is going to be Sue Sylvester's archrival. "The winner of The Glee Project is the person who she hates the most in the history of the show." Her motivation to take down her new opponent will keep her tied to McKinley High (in the midst of running for Congress). "The Glee Project winner is Sue Sylvester's new archenemy and she is going to destroy their life." Apparently, she hates them more than the glee club. Between Samuel and Damian, I think it will be Samuel. He won't put up with her crap. Haha.

And so my fellow Gleeks...what say you?!


Smarshie said...

If you're not a Glee fan, fear not. My next blog will have nothing to do with Glee or pop culture.

New Branch said...

okay where are you finding all this information. hilarious. there are so many characters i'm afraid of the relational chaos. although i love tinker (from FNL) and Damian (from TGP). I think they'll make Damian the archenemy of Sue because he's so sweet and nice - it's everything Sue can't stand. also, i wonder if lindsay from TGP will be the modern joan jett? when is the first show of the season?

Smarshie said...

I find all the stuff on twitter, facebook, blogs, google. I have a life, I promise!

I knew you'd love that Tinker was on, after watching all the seasons on dvd. =)

I never thought about the Damian-Sue dynamic. But I think you're totally right!

And yeah! Maybe Lindsay will be the Joan Jett-type character. Someone said she was on the glee set last week.

First episode: Tuesday Sept. 20