Monday, July 25, 2011

peace out

Ahhh, my annual summer vacay to So. Cal has arrived. On the agenda for the week:

* spend lots of time with the BFF Elissa (and her hubby Mike) and Melanie, my roomie from college (who is flying out from Texas)

* see my favorite musical, Les Miserables (it's touring for its 25th anniversary and currently in LA)

* celebrate E's 34th birthday

* read by the pool

* get massages and/or facials

* sleep. a lot.

* go to San Diego and go fishing with E's dad

* Disneyland to go on the new Star Tours ride AND finally see World of Color

Be back August 2nd. Peace out.


New Branch said...

sis you are back from vacation and i need a blog update on your trip with photos of your fishing or disneyland trip. also i need a place to vent my feelings about the glee project so please 'cap your thoughts :)

Smarshie said...

Hahaha! Done and done. Check back tonight.