Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter

I went to the midnight showing of the LAST Harry Potter movie.

Thursday July 14, 2011. Twelve college students, Intern Scott, and myself drove to a theater 45 minutes away that had a 3D IMAX screen. We plopped ourselves in (the already long) line at 6:30 pm. 5 and a half hours till the final movie of the Harry Potter world.

Waiting in lines for stuff like this is always fun. So many people were dressed up. We saw Rita Skeeter, patronuses, Hedwig, a golden snitch, Dobby, lots of Hogwarts students (wearing their colored ties or scarves, depending on what house they were representing), lots of people with wands, robes, lightning scars, Harry glasses, etc.

As we waited in line, you could feel the energy. Everyone was so excited! People brought chairs, blankets, pillows, books, cards, laptops, games. It was a party. We went and got In-N-Out and brought it back in line with us.

Around 10 pm, they let us into the theater. Wheeeee! We found seats and settled down for some more waiting.

I had brought a bunch of glow bracelets for our group. As I was passing them out, I was struck with an idea. "Hey guys. Let's go down there and do some Harry Potter trivia with everyone!" Two girls jumped on that. "YEAH! And let's give the glow sticks as prizes!"

The next thing I knew I was in front of the movie theater, shouting.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please!! Welcome to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 part two! We thought it would be fun to do some Harry Potter trivia before the movie begins. We will ask questions and if you think you know the answer, raise your hand and yell 'EXPECTO PATRONUM!' If you are correct, we have these glow sticks as prizes!"

People went nuts. They were SO into it. And everyone thought we worked at the movie theater. Like this was planned. haha!

Here are some questions we asked:

* Name all 7 Weasley children.
* List at least 4 ways wizards and witches can travel.
* What is Dumbledore's full name?
* What is written on top of the Mirror or Erised?
* List at least 4 animals that have been under Hagrid's care.
* Name all 7 horcruxes.

(Can you answer these? If so, congratulations! You're a Harry Potter fan!)

Anyway, we asked questions until all the glow bracelets had been given away. Then we thanked everyone for their time and told them to enjoy the movie.

As for the movie itself? What can I say. I loved it. It was wonderful. Full of action but also heart. The audience was awesome. We all laughed together, cheered and clapped together, and we even all cried together. There were two spots in the movie where myself and everyone around me was sniffling. Awwwww...

After the movie, I was sad. I can't believe there are no more. The books are done. And now the movies are done.

I do have something to look forward to, though. I'm going to the Harry Potter theme park (in Orlando, FL) in October. My love for this little wizard will never die.

J.K. Rowling, I love you.

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