Tuesday, March 08, 2011

GLEE-cap #15

Tonight we were treated to the return of Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Dr. Carl/Uncle Jesse/John Stamos, the man who is ageless and looks the same if not better than his Full House days.

If you read my last glee-cap about the alcohol episode, I'm sure you'll have figured out I felt the same way about this episode about sex. I was joking with my sister that next week they should do an episode about the glee kids doing drugs and then they'd have all the bases covered.

I'll save my rant for the end of this blog. Let's jump into the things that were good about this one.


10) "I have to say, I am very inspired that both of you are showing how celibacy is a viable option for teens who simply aren't ready for intimacy. And for those who are older and are terrified of the hose monster." -Emma at the Celibacy Club meeting

9) Brittany thinking she was pregnant because a stork was building a nest on top of her garage. Oh. My. Ga.

8) Favorite song of the night: "Animal" by Kurt, Blaine, and the Dalton Warblers. Ahhh! Loved everything about it. The girls screaming, Kurt's attempt at sexy faces (and sexy moves), Blaine's expressions watching him try, the vocals, the harmonies, the breakdancing in the foam, the acappella-ness of it all. Amazing.

7) Mr. Schuester singing and dancing the tango? Yes, please.

6) "I'm sorry if I'm over-stepping." -Blaine after telling Burt he should talk to Kurt about sex.

"You are." -Burt assures him

5) "Landslide" was very beautiful. The ladies' voices sounds really good together. I was surprised to see Santana getting all teary.

4) Best part of the whole episode: Artie's face during "Afternoon Delight". I belly-laughed. Thank you, Artie!

3) Kurt and Burt and THE TALK. I will echo what everyone else says: I love this father-son relationship. Love it. It seems real and authentic. On a show that is so unrealistic, it's a small anchor back to reality. I love when Burt gets uncomfortable because he doesn't know what to do or say about Kurt's homosexuality. But he STILL talks with him, spends time with him, and loves his son unconditionally.

2) "We're cuddle monsters." -Dr. Carl (about him and Emma)

1) "I like you, Lauren. I like wooing you. Next to dropping my afternoon deuce, it's my favorite part of the day." -Puck

Ok, now it's time for my rant. Again, Glee tells us that all high schoolers are having sex. Just like ALL high schoolers drink alcohol. I'm not naive; I know some high schoolers drink and have sex. But I don't like the slant Glee takes when it comes to these episodes. It's never two-sided.

For example, if we look at tonight's ep, if you don't have sex as a high schooler, you're a "crazy Pope lady". What's wrong with you!? When Rachel says some of them are choosing to be celibate, Holly basically says in a condescending tone, "I respect your decision. I think you're a naive, frigid prude. But I still respect your decision."

NO YOU DON'T!! You don't respect her or anyone else's decision to not have sex. You put down their choices and make them feel foolish in front of their peers.

(*pant pant*) Breathe, Sarah, breathe.

Why do I get to so worked up about a silly TV show? Because these issues are personal for me. I really struggle with my college girls feeling like they're freaks because they've decided to save sex for marriage. The attitude that Glee portrays only feeds society's negative view on virgins. I want to my college girls to be proud of their decision. But they get so much flack for it in today's world. It upsets me.


* Why were Holly's jazzercise people all dressed in 80's leotards and sweatbands?

* Why did Holly decide to seduce the whole glee club during her "Do You Wanna Touch Me" song? Keep your jacket zipped, H.H. That goes for all you glee ladies too! Keep the twins hidden, mmmmkay?

* Why does Brittany not want to break up with Artie but she'll keep cheating on him by making out with Santana? Because that's "different".

* Lauren and Puck wanted to make a sex tape? Ew.

Next week's Regionals episode better be stellar to redeem this show.

Aural Intensity led by Sue Sylvester
Dalton Warblers with Blaine and Kurt
Vocal Adrenaline with their new coach (Dustin Goolsby) and the return of Sunshine Corazon
New Directions with original songs!!

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New Branch said...

as your only commenter, i want to ask that you never stop blogging. i love the glee caps and also your random humor. how are you doing by the way? okay moving on to this weeks show, there is so much i didn't like. including mr schue's slicked back hair in the tango. it kind of creeped me out. beyond that, i'm over high school sex. straight or gay, i'm over it. pick a new topic glee. you've shoved these issues down my throat for weeks. can we please get back to some fun music. thanks. ps. do you think gwyneth's glee time helped her get her massive record contract?