Thursday, January 06, 2011

oh no they di'int!

I have been noticing an alarming trend of cartoons being made into movies. Classic cartoons we grew up with are now (twenty years later) getting whipped into crappy movies with eye-cringing CG characters. Some examples:

Well, I thought, at least there's ONE classic 80's cartoon they haven't touched. Hopefully it will escape the computer-generated movie curse.

But then...I saw this:

Oh yes, coming to theaters August 3, 2011 in freaking 3-D.

How dare they.


New Branch said...

please note. all those movies were lame

Smarshie said...


Jody said...

I have no words.

Jody said...

Actually, can we go see the Smurfs movie when I'm in SF this month? It's all I ask.