Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Strings Attached sucks

I am so angry about something and I need to vent.

A month or two ago, I saw a trailer for a movie with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman called "No Strings Attached". I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh! This looks so dumb!! It's all about sex and looks like it has no plot." Well, the movie came out this weekend so I've seen more previews on TV and the internet and I've realized the more I've seen, the angrier I've become.

I've been seething all weekend. Why is it affecting me so much? I've always known that the world is obsessed with sex. But maybe I've just reached my breaking point and my nonchalance has crossed over and become anger.

Here's what makes me mad. I believe sex is a gift that God created for a committed marriage relationship. And even if I wasn't a Christian, I would still hope that sex would be viewed as beautiful and special and intimate. Something you share with someone you truly love and have given your heart to. But this movie makes sex look like it's on the same level as doing the dishes.

"Ahhh, well I'm a doctor and I work 80 hours a week, so I just need a warm body around (whenever it's convenient for me) to have sex with and not attach any feelings or commitment to it whatsoever."

That's what our culture has become? We just selfishly use each other's bodies for our own pleasure? No big deal. It's JUST sex, right?


Jody said...

I think a lot of people share your opinion. It got horrible reviews, and I'm really surprised Natalie Portman chose to do it. It makes me want to believe there is some depth to it, but so far no one has reported any.

Emily said...

This is a hot button for me, too. I almost never even watch movies or tv anymore because it seems like sex is in everything! And guess what? It is Hollywood sex. Stupid!

Anonymous said...

I think you should consider opening your mind some. Sure, the movie was crude, but the possibility of love-less sex is something to experience.

You still get pleasure, to a great and different degree.

You don't get what you have when you are in-love with each other though. You see, you are comparing sex in a relationship to casual sex. They don't feel the same because they aren't the same. They are two different experiences really.