Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GLEE-cap #7

Gwyneth Paltrow - triple threat! Girlfriend can sing, act, and dance. This episode ("The Substitute") featured Mrs. Chris Martin as a sub at McKinley High. I really liked this episode (yeah for liking 2 episodes in a row!) because it felt like last season. It had that first-season feel. Not preachy, quirky & humorous dialogue, Sue Sylvester up to no good (and inner-monologuing while writing in her journal), and amazing kick-a song/dance numbers. Woohoo!

Quick mention of two things I did not like in this episode: 1) ex-wife Terri's appearance and 2) the unacceptable lack of Stamos. We want Dr. Carl!!

With that out of the way, let's jump in.


10) LOVED seeing the GLEEks as little kids. Mr. Schuester has a fever and turns around to see little Mini-Me's of his students.

"Looking good, Puckerman. Someone's been eatin' their Wheaties." -mini Santana

(*kissing arm muscles*) "These guns are fully loaded." -mini Puck

"Mr. Schue, I for one think we should use our set list for Sectionals to start exploring the 'Oof' of one Bernadette Peters." -mini Rachel

"Someday I'm gonna go to Paris and visit the 'Ouvre'." -mini Brittany

"I just wanna dance." -mini Mike Chang

9) After sliding into the choir room on the buttered floor, Holly Holiday sang "Forget You" for the kids. Cee-Lo's song is actually called "F*** You" (classy) but this is the edited version for the radio. And Gwyneth rocked it! My favorite part of the song: "Yah I'm sorry. I can't afford a ferrari. But that don't mean I can't get you there. I guess she's an Xbox. And I'm more an Atari."

8) As principal, Sue now has Becky acting as her secretary. Seeing her run into Sue's office with a headset on was classic.

7) "Make 'Em Laugh"! Ok, I must preface the gushing about to burst forth by sharing that I absolutely ADORE the movie Singing in the Rain. I really do. It was a staple musical growing up in my house (along with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Hello Dolly). And although the entire movie is fantastic, my favorite song was always "Make 'Em Laugh" by Donald O'Connor. I could watch that scene 100 times and never tire of it. So when Mr. Schuester and Mike Chang re-enacted that song in the episode, I was grinning like an idiot the entire time. I especially liked when they hit their heads on the boards and pretended to run in a circle on the ground. Wheee!! Also, hearing Matthew Morrison's sing was an extra bonus. His voice is like buttah.

6) When Mercedes went in to Sue's office to complain about the tater tots being taken away and Sue called her "Jackée", I deep-belly-laughed for two whole minutes. I thought I was going to pee my pants. And then Sue held up a stalk of broccoli.

"Do you know what this is?" -Sue

"Toilet brush." -Mercedes

5) Rachel and Holly singing "Nowadays" from Chicago. The dancing went on a bit too long, but I thought their voices sounded really good together.

4) "So why don't you go home. Rest. Watch some TV. Die. Doesn't matter." -Sue to Will

3) "Oh my gosh, I open my mouth and a little purse falls out." -Kurt at Breadsticks

2) "Her name was 'Cameo'. She was like an attractive Biggie Smalls." -Holly Holiday

1) "The "Singing in the Rain"/"Umbrella" mash-up. This was probably the BEST dance sequence this year so far. AmAzing. I loved the guys with their vests, ties, and hats and the ladies in their jackets. I wanted to jump on stage and sing and dance and splash with all of them!

What did you think of "The Substitute"?


New Branch said...

i LOVED it and love your recap. i just relaughed out loud at your points. the little purse. the jack-que comment. the toilet brush. so good! AND as a fellow family member, totally loved watching mr. shue dance. he's growing on me. at first i wasn't a huge fan of matthew morrison, but as the season goes on, i'm liking him more. and he's uber talented. triple threat as well. ps. i love mrs. chris martin in real life too. have you read her comments about celebrity couples who have to flaunt their relationship and how she feels bad they can't just enjoy each other without all the fanfare? so true. and how she took time off to be a mom. love it. love her. love you. love my essay post on your comment section

Smarshie said...

Mr. Schuester is a hot mess. He needs to not be around women for awhile.