Monday, November 08, 2010

bullet points

Ahhh, I love the bullet point blogs. I have many things on my mind, but instead of blogging about each of them, I just put them as bullet points and let the reader take it from there.

* I got to spend time with my nephew Judah on Friday. He continues to be the cutest thing to ever live on this planet. This video was taken on my phone so it's not the best quality. Oh well!

* It's rainy one day, sunny the next. I'm ready for the weather to make up its mind.

* Why do they call them "smart cars"? I don't think they are. They should be renamed "If-someone-hits-you-you're-dead" cars.

* I wish the SF Giants were still playing. I miss watching their games.

* My roomate Jenna and I took our neighbor's 3 golden retrievers for a walk. "I just bathed them!" my neighbor said proudly when I picked them up. We brought them back to him all muddy from the dog park. I felt SO BAD!

* I have discovered the joy of Modern Family. I was tired of telling everyone I didn't watch it ("But why? You would LOVE it!" they would say), so I finally caved and watched an episode. And now I'm hooked. My favorite characters are Cameron and Phil.

* My parents are back from Ethiopia! My poor mamacita got sick when they returned but they sound good. I'll get to hear more about the trip when they recover from jetlag and the 11 hour time difference.

* Work is going well. But fast! The semester is flying by. Last week we did Operation Christmas Child, where we put together shoeboxes for kids around the world.

* Have you ever been to a Mary Kay party? I went to my first one 6 years ago. And then my second one 3 years ago. And yesterday was my third one. I love being a girl.

* Harry Potter 7 opens in 11 days!!!

* new GLEE episode tomorrow night!!


Jody said...

I have only seen the pilot episode of Modern Family but now I want to see them all.

New Branch said...

who is darren criss? AND i love my son. and love that you love him too