Thursday, August 19, 2010

mascot fail

My sister sent me this video and I was crying, I was laughing so hard. The video itself is funny, but what made it even better was the commentary a blogger put underneath (I'm copying and pasting his comments). After reading what he wrote, the video became funnier and funnier each time I watched it. I hope you love it as much as I do!

A few highlights:

-- The apathy on the part of the players in the Aces dugout is probably my favorite part of this. By their reaction, you'd think a guy in a giant wolf costume drops from the sky into their dugout every other inning. None of the players rush to aid him, and two men in baseball uniforms just continue their bored stroll across the dugout. I think the on-deck hitter might actually be walking over the wolf's prone carcass.

-- The moment you choose to moonwalk backwards in a mascot costume with zero peripheral vision, you're just asking to fall off a ledge.

-- It's fantastic that the second mascot, whatever the hell that thing is, doesn't break character for even a second. It makes me think there's maybe a 20 percent chance that this was planned. Wolf mascot could be lying on the dugout floor with compound fractures in both of his femurs, but the red morbidly obese blob thing is still going to do his freaking job and get the crowd fired up. I love minor league baseball ...

-- My second favorite moment is when the wolf falls, and then instictively sticks his oversized fake mascot hand out to grab the ledge of the dugout. Like his giant wolf mitten is going to magically grab the concrete, clamp on, and avert this disaster.

-- Look closely. I'm pretty sure the wolf's pupils actually dilate before he falls off the ledge.

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