Thursday, August 05, 2010

fun time with college buds

There is a fun new tradition in life. Every summer my BFF from college Elissa, roomate from college Melanie, and I are going to have a mini-reunion. Last summer they came up and visited me in Nor Cal. This year we went down to So Cal. (And next summer we'll be going to Texas). We had a great time! Some highlights:

* DISNEYLAND!! Love this place.

* eating at all our favorite places

* shopping at the outlets (dangerous!)

* a college friend Leslie was in the musical "Trails" in Hollywood. We went to see her and she was amazing!! So so talented.

* seeing Inception! Good lord, if you have not seen this movie yet, GO! Your brain might hurt a bit from trying to figure it out but it's totally worth it.

* hot tubbin'!!

* spending the day at a park (BBQ'ing, hanging out with another college friend, Jessica, reading, falling asleep in the sun, bliss)

* having Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for the first time! Who knew such random foods went SO WELL together. Yum!

* visiting college (the ol' stomping grounds) - so many great memories!! (Mel and I are pointing to our old dorm room)

1 comment:

tira said...

Aww! You girls look young and beautiful! :) What a blast!!! I love that you visited Biola!!!! Wish we could have a huge Class of 99 reunion!

Wasn't it crazy to see all the changes?? I can't believe that is the gym you are standing in front of!

Awww... memories!

and love that you guys continue to create new ones!