Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yeah, finally time to blog about Colorado! Well friends, it was fabulous. My highlights were of course spending time with Jody and Amy. Here are some of the things we did.

* We ate. A LOT. Jody took us to really good restaurants around Boulder. The Med, The Cork, The Kitchen, and other places that start with "The". This is me describing a "Bump-It" to Jody using a french fry at one of our classy dinners.

* Downtown! Downtown Boulder is so dang cute. It's closed off to cars so it's fully pedestrian-friendly. There are musicians, street performers, ice cream carts, a fountain area for kids to splash around in, shops, balloon animal peeps, grass to play on, places to eat, a short walk to the Boulder Creek (where people go tubing!), a three story bookshop I got lost in, and every Wednesday and Saturday there's a farmers market. I could spend hours there.

* Celestial Seasonings tea comes from Boulder. We took a tour of their factory. I wanted to spice things up so I asked our tour guide if there were any "accidents" in the factory. I was hoping for a good bloody story (am I morbid?) but I think the only thing she shared was the machines getting backed up and having to stop production for awhile. Snore.

* One day we drove up to Estes Park, at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. We did a tour at the Stanley Hotel. It was built in 1909 and it's where Stephen King stayed in 1974 (Room 217), inspiring him to write "The Shining" (he called it "Overlook Hotel" in his book). Such a cool tour! Many people believe the Stanley Hotel is haunted so our tour guide kept telling us to look for "orbs of light" in our pictures. Maybe they were ghosts! (um, or maybe it's the reflection of the camera off the lights? Just guessing.)

trying to jump in Rocky Mountain National Park:

* Seeing my old roomie, Lindsey! Lindsey and I lived together for 2 years and I was the maid of honor in her wedding. She, her husband, and their two kids live in Loveland (about 45 minutes away) so they drove down and we were able to spend time together. It was so much fun to see them!!

* Boulder Dinner Theater! Ok, this was a huge highlight. Boulder has this place where you eat and watch a musical at the same time. They are doing Peter Pan this summer so we went! The tables are actually set up horseshoe-style around the stage so you are right up in the action. The food do I say this...bad? Let's just say we ate a LOT of bread. Which looked like a big hot dog bun.

Our waiter's name was Scott and he was very nice. He and all the other waiters were dressed in black and came out to take our orders and serve dinner. When the show started, we were watching and enjoying. When the pirates came out, we were like, "Wait...isn't that our waiter?! Our waiter is SMEE!?!" Yep, all the servers were actually the actors too. Scott was Smee and he was hilarious! All the pirates were great, but Smee stole the show. We took a picture with him afterwards. He was wearing red long underwear.

* Our last day there Jody took us to the edge of the Flatiron Mountains. So beautiful! Then she drove us up to the top of Flagstaff Mountain where you could see the Continental Divide. I couldn't stop looking at the view.

What a whirlwind! Great city. Great friends. Great times.


New Branch said...

LOVE IT. a few questions though, what IS a bump it? please blog. 2ndly you mention icecream trucks in the park...did amy meet the driver of one of those trucks and hang out with him too? or is it just frosties? :) (amy, if you're reading this, i hope you know i love you...and that story)

Smarshie said...


Watch the Bump Its commercial here:

And sadly no, we didn't meet any guys at their ice cream stations downtown. (However, that is STILL one of Amy's and mine favorite stories from New York, too!)

Jody said...

Are you going to send me these pictures or are you going to post them on FB?