Sunday, June 27, 2010

facebook relationship drama

I was checking facebook recently and came across some drama. One of my male college students (21 years old) and his girlfriend (20 years old) had both changed their status from "in a relationship" to "it's complicated". Uh oh. Trouble's a-brewing.

But then to my horror, they had a full-on conversation about it in the girl's status update! For everyone to see!!

Girl: "when are you gunna make it right. when??? I wish sometimes life was like the movies where girl is upset, boy makes it right, like the chick flicks, But its not :( I wish i could be proved wrong."

Boy: "Boy was told not to contact until girl did, and has been respecting that. Maybe boy figured girl needed her space and to think about things also and will hopefully remember that boy really loves girl?"

Girl: "girl actually is actually wanting boy to do opposite and contact her. remember what girl told boy? note: wishes life was like the movies (hint chick flick) Boy should prove his love then, cuz girl is feeling judged, used, and unloved right now"

Boy: "Well that was just put on here recently and not told to boy or hinted directly to him. and it made boy sad to see the relationship changed to 'complicated'. Also boy never meant to judge or make girl feel used and unloved."

Girl: "girl was upset to change it, but right now things have been made complicated and girl was really upset but should have told boy how girl felt"

Boy: "Girl never gave boy a chance to speak this morning and hung up."

Girl: "i'll message you"

Boy: "on here or on phone?"

Girl: "like in the inbox"

Ok, I don't even know where to BEGIN. Here are some thoughts:

* um, WHY put all this on facebook for the whole world to see?

* I felt uncomfortable the whole time reading this. I'm sure everyone else did, too.

* Is this what relationships in this generation are like now? Instead of calling each other up and talking it out, they speak in the third person on facebook?

* If chick flicks are to blame for mind games, I'm done with them. Seriously, you tell your boyfriend not to contact you so he doesn't because he respects you and wants to give you your space. But you actually are just SAYING that and hoping he will ignore it and call you to prove how much he loves you?! Ahhh!


New Branch said...

add this to the list of reasons i hate facebook. also that girl needs counseling. am i too harsh? i think so. but this post made me laugh

Jody said...

I tried to laugh. Normally I would laugh. But this is horrifying. It reads like a satirical one-act play.