Sunday, May 30, 2010

time for bloggin'

This past week has been so great. First of all, we don't have college group till June 16th, so until then I am working, but not having to plan for Wednesday nights. Ahhhh...a little bit of freedom. It's been so nice!

Last week I spent a lot of time doing "catch up". Ya know, all the stuff you put off till you have a break? I love feeling like I'm getting caught up at work (instead of always feeling behind).

On Thursday, my dad and I headed into the city to see the musical "In The Heights". I saw it for the first time in New York last summer and now they are on tour. Because my dad is losing his eyesight, they gave us amazing seats! Orchestra, about ten rows back, smack dab in the middle. I LOVED seeing this show again! Go see it if you haven't yet!

And now a lovely 3 day weekend! I went out to dinner and the movies for a friend's birthday yesterday and I got to spend all day today with my dear friend Jody who is visiting for the weekend from Colorado. Yeah! It was such a gorgeous day and we had so much fun.

Summer...I feel are so close...

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