Monday, May 17, 2010

Judah time!

You know what can make my day? Time with my nephew, Judah.

Sister, bro-in-law, and nephew were in town today so I left work early and got to spend the whole afternoon with my favorite little person.

Words I heard today:

* "ba-ba" (bottle)

* "money" (bunny he sleeps with at night)

* "cup" (self-explanatory)

* "arbash" (garbage - he'd go around picking things up to throw away)

* "hot" (fireplace, stove, etc)

* "wa-wa" (he becomes an animal anytime he sees water: a puddle, creek, water fountain, sink, his own drool. WA-WA!!! He loves water!)

* "moon" (my sister Amy said she read "Goodnight Moon" to him 8 times in a row one night)

* up" and "down" (as in, lift me up Auntie Sarah, so I can flip the light switches up and down)

* "Nii!" (as in, we are the knights who say Nii! from Monty Python. I think this one means no, or he doesn't like something, or when he can't think of what to say, he just says this)

* "Ahhh..." (this is a musical note he sings every time he sees a stereo, television, or microphone, because he knows music will come out of it)

* "Sare" (this is my favorite. It's what he calls me.)

He is so smart!!! I love watching him grow. He's almost 18 months. Here's a video from Mother's Day. We had just come from the park where he played with water and sand so we took his pants off. He was shuffling around in his sweater, diaper, and socks. Love it.

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