Monday, March 22, 2010

a walk in the woods

Yesterday I led "A Walk in the Woods" (some students called it a "Frolic in the Forest"). We are doing a series in the college group about worship. What is it? Why do we worship? How can we worship? And we've been talking about how you can worship God in anything and everything you do. And yesterday we worshiped God in the beauty of His creation.

It was such a beautiful day and we had such a good time. We ate sheep sorrel and miner's lettuce. We stuck "sticky monkey" leaves on our faces. We put yerba buena leaves, douglas fir needles, and bark from a madrone tree into a thermos of hot water and made "Nature Tea". We explored a grove of redwood trees. We found 2 newts and everyone got to hold them. We climbed fallen logs and trees. We put charcoal from a burnt tree on our faces. We kissed many banana slugs. We smashed goldenback ferns onto each other's shirts and looked at the markings the spores left behind. We saw birds, a field mouse, and a snake. We rolled up bay laurel leaves and stuck them up our noses to clear our sinuses. At the end, we came back and drank our delicious minty Nature Tea and marveled at God's creativity.


New Branch said...

you are a walking nature encyclopedia. come nature walk my neighborhood and show me how to make tea from the trash and weed(s) in my hood.

Emily said...

Aw,'re making me homesick! I can totally smell all the wonderful smells of your frolic. And I could SO go for some miner's lettuce and (sorrel) sourgrass right now. And some redwoods.