Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas break

Ya know how in school, you always got "Christmas Break"? But then you grow up and enter the real world and suddenly you don't get Christmas break anymore? Well suck it, "Real World"...I'm taking it anyway!! I leave today for a week vacation. Yup. A whole WEEK. I am flying down to So. Cal to spend time with my BFF and her hubby. Their place is like a second home to me and a great escape from life. My plans are always the same: sleep, eat, read, go to Disneyland, go shopping, go to the movies, sit in the hot tub, go on walks, and SLEEP more. Oh bliss. This could not have come at a better time.

Off to pack!


Jody said...

Have fun and enjoy every minute of it!

New Branch said...

does this mean no blog updates for a week? cause i'll miss that. and you of course

Lyds said...

can i come? sounds dreamy! have a blast!!!