Saturday, November 07, 2009

more GLEE news

If you're sick of me talking about my new obsession, I mean, my new favorite TV show, please pass by this post. Because I'm about to blab like a 12 year old.

So, um, my sister Emily MET SOME OF THE GLEE CAST TODAY!!

I'm a "fan" of GLEE on facebook and they're always posting sneak peeks, info about cast appearances, behind-the-scenes stuff, etc. And I read a couple weeks ago that to promote the GLEE Volume One cd coming out soon (with songs from the first 9 episodes), the cast would be doing a cd signing tour in New York and LA.

I immediately contacted my sister Emily who lives in LA and told her she had to go. I prepared myself for living vicariously through her. She had to get to the Barnes and Noble bookstore at the Grove (swanky) at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to be one of the first 400 people to buy the cd. She then received a bracelet to wear to the signing.

Today she went back to Barnes and Noble and waited in line with the other 399 peeps (and other people who were trying to sneak in). This is a picture of her and her friend Ryan waiting in line.

The GLEE kids that showed up were Artie (Kevin McHale), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Kurt (Chris Colfer), Puck (Mark Salling), and Finn (Cory Monteith). Woohoo! Puck and Finn! (They are 27 in real life so it's totally ok for me to crush on them)

Emily called me on her cell phone and then stuck her phone in her purse so I could hear what was going on when she met them (security guards were not letting phones or cameras get near the autograph table). I heard alot of screaming, muffled conversations, more screaming, a guy ask, "How are you?" and more muffled talk.

Emily then called me when she left the store and filled me in on everything:

* she said they were all so nice and friendly!

* she went through the line VERY FAST.

* she had secretly bought a second copy of the CD and had them sign it...for me!! The security guards said only one CD per person, but Emily said she heard she could have 2. Happy early Christmas to me!!

* Artie was first. He said hi and then asked her if she was enjoying the show and what was her favorite song. Emily said she liked them all and would have to think about it. And then she added, "By the way, I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for my sister. She's 32 and an even bigger fan than I am. She couldn't be here but she called and told me all about it." Artie smiled and said, "Oh really? Cool. Tell her we said hi."

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Remember, I am 12 years old in this post, so bear with me. But when Emily told me that I almost peed my pants. I was squealing like crazy. I got a shout-out from Artie.

* Tina was next. Didn't say much, but was very nice, smiled, and signed the cds.

* Then Emily came to Kurt. She then realized her favorite song and said to him, "I just want you to know 'Defying Gravity' is my favorite song.' " (it's on the album and on this week's episode) She said he broke out into the biggest smile and said, "Oh my gosh! Thank you SO MUCH. That was so sweet." She said he was so nice and genuine. And Tina on the other side of him said, "Seriously, it's the best song on the album!"



* He totally flirted with her.

* Apparently, Emily was so concerned with keeping track of her two CDs being signed, she wasn't looking at him. He was the one I heard saying "How are you?" and I guess he was trying to make eye contact with her. She finally looked at him and they spoke for a minute or so and she said he was being all smiley and eyes and flirty. She told him not many people could rock the mohawk, but he did. He thanked her and signed her cds. She said he is even hotter in real life.

* Lastly, she got to Finn. Also super friendly and smiley. She said, "You can sign your face," which I thought was hilarious. She meant his face on the cd cover, but it just sounded funny when she told me.

So fun!! I wish I could have been there to meet them with Emily, but I am so happy to hear the play-by-play and know my sister got to have this special experience. Thanks for doing this, Em!

Two more quick things:

1) New episode this Wednesday November 11th at 9 pm. I think it's the one where Rachel and Kurt sing "Defying Gravity". SWEET.

2) I recently found out the GLEE kids will be going on tour next summer. I will be buying tickets the day they are available.

I am filled with glee.


Haley said...


Also, it's really, really sweet of Glee to sing "Defying Gravity" on their show for me on my birthday. :)

Smarshie said...

It's like they KNEW it was your birthday and they KNEW what song they should sing to honor it. =)


Jody said...

Why isn't it Wednesday right now?

Lyds said...


i just died.

Laura McKissack said...

Sarah! I love you and I LOVE Glee!! This is one of your best posts yet! I have a crush too... so i'm glad to know they 27 ;-)

Smarshie said...

Laura! I miss you. Want to go see them in concert with me next summer?

rené said...

holy hotness...i am sooo jealous :) mark salling is one super duper handsome fella...and who doesn't love a guy who can rock a mohawk whilst singing neil diamond?! :) *swoon*