Thursday, September 03, 2009

Flipper to the rescue!

This week has been pretty stressful for me. It always happens this time of year, when we're about to kick-off for the fall.

1) My new intern Dan arrived from Pennsylvania. He and two friends drove for 4 days across our beautiful country and got here Tuesday. I have spent the last couple days doing introductions, training, going over stuff. I am mentally exhausted.

2) I am taking Dan and our student leaders on a retreat this weekend. That way we can spend time together and go over things before the school year starts. However I have been planning and preparing like crazy to get everything ready.

3) Meeting with potential adult leaders for the ministry.

4) The college group kicks off next Wednesday! And all the details that go along with that.

So I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed this week. I mean, these are all good things. Great things, actually. But it's all at once and I feel I have so much to do.


Dan and I went to the beach for a meeting, just to get out of the office and put our toes in the sand. Dan from Pennsylvania has only experienced lakes so I think he is in love with the Pacific Ocean already.

We were sitting there talking about work stuff when all of a sudden, he pointed out to the ocean with a smile. I turned and looked. Flipper! Yup, Flipper and a few of his dolphin buddies were swimming by. The were gorgeous. The sun shone off their water-covered back and fins.

Flip and his buds swam lazily back and forth out in the water. We probably saw 15 all together. I laughed at the scene - was I really here? Was this really happening?

I really needed that.

Thanks God.


New Branch said...

we're moving in. tell the boy roommates they all have to share a room and david, judes and i get the other one. i need to live by the beach.

Jody said...

Laura and I saw porpoise last night. It was great! I love this time of year at the ocean.

NixonsMamma said...

What a blessing! :)