Saturday, August 29, 2009

sorry, Jenna

My amazing friend Jenna just moved up (from San Diego) and into our house on Thursday. We had a free room till January and she wanted to move back to this area (she used to live here) and have a few months to look for a job. Anyway, I feel bad because here are the 4 things that have greeted her:

1) Our cat leaving us a gift by the door. And by "gift", I mean either the remains of a small animal that she has killed and wants to show us OR cat vomit, with the aforementioned dead animal parts inside. Jenna said she had to step over it to walk in the door. Gross.

2) A huge house of people. Jenna got up at 3:20 a.m. to drive up here from SD. She was tired and probably just wanted to have a quiet evening to rest. Nope! Here are 40 people to meet and talk with! We had a house concert with some local musicians which was awesome, but I just felt bad it was the night she got here.

3) Heat wave. Seriously you guys, it has been the perfect summer. Breezy, in the 70's or 80's. Lovely. And then Thursday is got HOT. And it has been blistering hot since then. It is currently 107 degrees outside. This is not normal. What happened to our nice weather?

4) No power. Jenna went to the store and got some groceries. And then at 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, our power went out. It did not come back on till 1 am this morning. Many of her groceries got spoiled in the fridge. And after going out last night, she came back to our house (and street) being pitch black. It's a bit freaky.

So all of that to say...sorry, Jenna. It will get better.


Jody said...

that is awful! Well, it can ONLY get better, so look forward to it.

New Branch said...

and jenna i'm sorry about your neighbors. i hear they are related have crazy family fights and throw beer cans in your drive way. don't worry if the cops show up, that's routine.

Jody said...

seriously? I mean, I heard someone yell "Quiet DOWN!" from below during the house concert, but I did not know there were nasty neighbors!

Smarshie said...

Jods, read this blog post from April 2007:

And then read the follow-up:

Needless to say, the bros moved out right after that. Our current next-door neighbors are older and much more mellow. They do have a pot garden growing in their backyard, but other than that, they're fine.

Jenna said...

Smarshie! I could not have felt more welcomed! My first couple days have been a JOY. Hey, this is the Hilton compared to the Hitch! :) Looking forward to 4 months of good times with fun peeps. Can i get an "AMEN!"