Friday, June 19, 2009

Boyz in da Hood

Changes are a-coming, my friends.

We will soon be getting BOY housemates.

Oh yes.

Starting next month, the Gordon House will be co-ed.

This is very strange for me. Actually for all of us. We've lived here for 7 years and it's always been girls. And before that I had female roomates in college AND grew up with all sisters. And with BOYS!?!?

Here's the sitch. The house belongs to the family of one of our previous roomates, Jen. Her grandparents built the house in the 40's. Both died back in 2002 and the house was left to Jen's dad and aunt. Jen's dad and aunt were both living in different towns, didn't want to move, and didn't want to sell the house, so they offered it to Jen and some friends to rent. Boy, we jumped on that. Sweet!

Jen's brother Scott moved into the area a few years ago. We always knew he could move in whenever he wanted to (because it's his family's house). But up till now, he has lived in an apartment with guy friends. However, he wants to go back to school and get his Masters degree, so he needed a place with cheap rent. Guess who has cheap rent?

We have two roomies moving out this summer. Joanna is moving into a house with a friend about 10 minutes away and Annie is getting married. That leaves two open rooms. Scott and his friend Nate were thinking of spliting a room, because Nate is in a band and won't be there often (because of touring). Yes, we will have a rockstar living with us. Have you heard of the band "Sherwood"? (Like Sherwood Forest in Robin Hood?) Well Nate is the lead singer of Sherwood.

THEN, Scott's current roomate Travis was looking for a place to live. So Scott asked if he could move in, too (if we had an extra room). We did, so he is. Travis is also a singer/songwriter/musician. You can check out his music here. Travis will be the first one moving in next month. Scott and Nate will move in January.



Jody said...

It would be interesting to hear their perspective on Megan Fox.

Haley said...

Ditto to Jody's comment. What the heck is up with her anyway? Not Jody, Megan Fox.

Also...CRAZY changes in the Gordon House. No longer just the Gordon Girls.

Can't wait to see what the changes bring...

PS. LOVE Sherwood.

New Branch said...

i live with two boys now and it's different. they eat more food, have more farts, and more poop (oh wait that's the baby) than girls. but i also get more snuggles and but that's just me.

what up gordon gang.

Lyds said...

i can't say i'm excited for you. we all know how i feel about boys in general. hahaha! but i will say this in all honesty. boys do smell. not sure what it is - hormones or something? they have a very different smell. and it's not cute. buy lots of candles...