Monday, April 13, 2009

CSM, son!!

Today: I am heading to south-central Los Angeles with 17 other high school students, college students, and adult leaders. This is the crew that decided to still go somewhere, even after our mission trip to Mexico was cancelled.

What will we be doing? I'm not sure exactly but it sounds like:

* Living in the CSM facilities on Skid Row

* Working with the homeless community (taking them out to breakfast, "meeting a need" they might have, spending time with them)

* Playing Bingo with some folks at a inner-city retirement home. ("B 5!") Spending time with them, loving on them.

* Helping at local soup kitchens and shelters - serving food, organizing food for distribution, etc.

* Playing with inner-city kids at after school programs

Pretty much we will do whatever they ask us to do.

I can't believe the trip is finally here! If you pray, I would love prayer for safety (especially on the drive there and back - we're taking 4 vehicles), health, eyes to be opened, growth, and anything else that comes to your mind. And on a personal note, I would love prayer for patience. There are so many details, so many questions that get asked, and so many little decisions to be made. And being around the same people 24/7 is going to be challenging.

But I know it is going to be a great trip! I am looking forward to seeing what God is doing in L.A. Can't wait to come back with some stories.

Till then my friends, peace out.


Jody said...

I accidentally started praying for you early because I thought you were leaving last week.

Melanie said...

Hey love! I have been thinking about you read you were out this week. I pray you are enjoying your time in LA. I am sure the impact will go both ways.

All I'm sayin'...Santa Ana, animal crackers, and after school...

praying for you!
love and blessing