Monday, April 06, 2009

the cross before him

Um, apparently next Sunday is Easter.

I just realized this yesterday when I went to church and they said it was Palm Sunday. Huh!?!?

I feel like this happens every year. It's my busiest season. I spend tons of time planning for our Spring Break mission trip. (And with having to switch trips this year, it's been extra crazy) And then all of a sudden Easter creeps up on me.

And I'm kind of annoyed at myself.

What we as Christ-followers celebrate at Easter is sacred to me. And yet I let life and busyness take over and distract me.

Needless to say, I am really glad I went to church last night.

The pastor talked about the symbol for our faith could have been anything. The tree of life (creation). A burning bush (God revealing himself to man). A dove (the Holy Spirit descending on His people) etc. But it was chosen that the cross would symbolize our faith. And we have sort of romanticized it. Crosses are on everything. Necklaces, T-shirts, water bottles. But when you think about it, the cross is brutal. It was used by Romans in the 1st century to kill criminals. However it represents the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made. Sometimes we'd rather skip ahead of what he went through on our behalf and just focus on Easter. Happy! Celebration! He is Risen! But the cross is sobering. It makes me stop and contemplate how deep and rich and good and abounding God's love for us is.

So this week before Easter, I look to the cross. The beautiful, horrifying, redemptive cross.

Where my Jesus died so I may live.


Lyds said...

i just read this while eating a Peep.

joking ;)

i love this post!

New Branch said...

hahahaha. oh my gosh i can't stop laughing. sarah your post was inspirational. but lydia's comment had me on the floor. i love both of you!