Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl XLIII recap

Did you all watch the Superbowl yesterday? Great game! First off, how amazing was Jennifer Hudson with the national anthem?! Sing it, girl!! Then the game: I'm not the hugest football fan, but I was rooting for the Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald is my new hero. His arms seemed to stretch out of nowhere and grab onto whatever Kurt Warner threw him. I loved the end of the 4th quarter when it was 20-16 (Steelers were ahead) and he ran straight down the field past everyone else for a touchdown. I screamed my head off (my throat hurts today).

I seriously thought the Cards were going to win. I had been eating throughout the game, but from that point on, I was "nervous eating" with my eyes glued to the tube. In the end, the Steelers won, but the Cards gave it their best.

Thumbs up commercials:

1st place - Denny's. The mafia-looking thugs in the booth talking about "takin' care of someone" and then the waitress spraying whipped cream all over their pancakes. Classic.

2nd place - Bud Light with Conan O'Brian. Don't worry Conan, they'll only see this commercial in Sweden.

3rd place - with the moose head through the wall. So funny!

Runner up - E*trade talking babies ("Take these broken wings! And learn to fly again!")

Thumbs down commercials:

Any commercial that degraded women - the Fast and the Furious trailer, (both of them), Doritos (the guy's "Lucky Day"), Teleflora talking flowers, etc. I was disgusted and dumbfounded. KIDS are watching these commercials! Families are watching these commercials! I AM WATCHING THESE COMMERCIALS. They are not appropriate or acceptable no matter who you are.

And then for the best part...a whole hour of The Office! *cue opening song* I thought it was a great episode. I laughed at so many parts. The chaotic beginning with the smoke and throwing objects at windows, doors, and the vending machines, Angela's cat toss, Oscar's feet breaking through the ceiling, Stanley saying he has to stay calm in the office ("I'm gonna die"), Kevin doing CPR on the dummy and quitting, saying "Call it..." Dwight cutting off the dummy's face, Michael's roast, Pam sharing that he falls for internet scams all the time, Kelly's list of who'd she kiss before Michael Scott (Lord Voldemort), the list goes on and on. It made my night.

What were your thoughts on the Superbowl, commercials, Office episode?


Lyds said...

i agree with everything 100%! except the office, but only because i didn't see it. i know. i know. i did love the doritos commercial with the little snowglobe - and then he throws it into the vending machine - i laughed so hard i almost choked on my own doritos. and i did tear up at the end, when warner "threw" that last pass and he got caught by the steeler's defensive line, only to stand up, bend over, and start to cry. it got me, sarah. it got me right there.

New Branch said...

come on! what about the desire to punch small animals! that career builders spot had me crying in laughter

NixonsMamma said...

loved The Office too!
I wish it was always one hour long--- my fave was when Stanley had the heart attack and Michael Scott is pumping his chest and saying, "Obama is Presient! Stanley, You're black!" hahaaaaaa!

and come on, the ending with Jim and Pam. JIM IS AWESOME!!! What a great man!!! love that!

Jody said...

I was cheering for the Steelers. Yea.
I loved the Doritos commercial.
I HATED the Jack in the Box commercial. Don't hang-in-there, Jack. Your food is terrible. And what a downer. Downer!

That was the funniest Office I've ever seen. I was annoying myself by my laughter. It was so great. Don't panic! No one is in any real danger!

Smarshie said...

Ok, the snowglobe Doritoes commercial and the koala bear punching were pretty epic. I also remembered I like the Pepsi Max one with all the guys getting hit (bowling ball, golf club, sunroof limo guy) and going "I'm good". Yes, the Jack in the Box one was LAME and so were all the Budweiser horse ones.

I'm so glad you all enjoyed The Office as much as I did. I forgot to add another highlight: when Andy was making popcorn for Jim and Pam before watching the pirated movie on his laptop. "I hope you like popcorn, M'lady...M'tuna" and then he pours almost all kernals and like 5 pieces of actual popcorn. Love it!

Jody said...

I want to own that episode of the Office.

Amanda said...

I didn't even know it was Super Bowl Sunday until I went to church! Every year we have a Young Man vs Old Man football game on Super Bowl Sunday, so when I heard the Associate Pastor announce it was happening after church at 2:00 I was like WOW, today's Super Bowl Sunday? I'm not really into football. I guess you can tell that. :)