Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sarah's Goals for 2009

Wow, I can hardly believe 2008 is almost over. In some ways I feel this year went by very slow, in other ways I feel it flew by. I have been reflecting on 2008 and looking ahead to this next year of life. I much prefer the word "Goals" than "Resolutions" so without further ado, here are Sarah's Goals for 2009:

* complete my sixth triathlon

* go on a hot air balloon ride

* read the bible in a year (my church is doing this)

* get a credit card (yes, yes, I know...I'm crazy to have never got one before. They make me nervous. Probably because of horror stories I've heard from friends. But it's time to buck up and start establishing good credit. *gulp*)

* get a retirement plan started (yes, yes, I know again...I am 31 and still have not done this. Better late than never??)

* become scuba-certified and go scuba-diving in the Pacific Ocean

* spend LOTS of time with my nephew

* go to Portland (never been, which is silly cause it's not that far away. But a friend is getting married July '09 in Oregon, so I'm going!)

* pick up a new hobby

* get my braces off (fingers crossed!)

* continue my hip hop class and perform in the June recital

* be in the audience for The Price Is Right (I was inspired during my recent trip to LA)

* go to New York this summer! Seeing a Broadway show, going to David Letterman, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, and eating a hot dog from a stand are all on the Must-Do List.

I'd love to see what YOUR goals are for 2009. Jump on the bandwagon and post 'em on yer blog! =)

Happy New Year to you all.


NixonsMamma said...

You've got some great goals! You go, girl!!! You should come down to SD for the hot air balloon, in the Summer. Gorgeous views!

2009 Goals for me?? Usually I have them all ready to go, however this year, I'm lacking motivation... Gimme a week or two! :)

Happy New Year, Friend! I love keeping in contact with you and getting sneak glimpses into your life! Thanks for sharing! xoxo.

cy said...

Good goals Sares!!!!


New Branch said...

Judah's goal is to spend more time with you too auntie sarah. we miss you!!

Smarshie said...

Tira, I know! I love staying connected and getting glimpses into your life, too. =)

Sares, miss you friend. I LOVE your videos on your page. You two are so cute!

Judah and sis, SO fun to spend time over Christmas with you. Can't wait till our next hang-out time.

Jody said...

I know of this wonderful place where hot air balloons happen all the time in the summer. It is called Boise.

Amanda said...

Your whole list sounds like so much fun! Especially eating a hot dog from a vendor in NYC!!! How cool is that?!?!