Monday, October 20, 2008

more October

* It has officially been 3 weeks since I got my braces! I am actually very surprised (and happy) that they have not been a huge issue. It hasn't hurt (except for the first two days) and I haven't needed to use wax once. And already my bottom teeth are straightening out. Go team! There might be more issues once I get my top ones put on (and rubberbands!) in December, for now I'm doing fine.

* I spoke last week at the college group on "Dealing With Life's Tragedies". I felt that I sucked. Big time. I dislike that feeling afterwards. This is definitely an area I am weakest in my job and it is also an area I want to grow in. *sigh*

* One of my roomates just left to go to Ecuador for 5 weeks to do nursing. Go Annie! We love you and miss you already! We expect you to come home fluent in Spanish, so no pressure.

* I helped at a golf fundraiser last Friday to raise money for our intern program. My job was to help with registration, do organizational stuff, zoom around on golf carts (my friend Jenn and I got yelled at by the staff for dive bombing down a hill with the golf cart. Totally worth it.) delivering water and giving "golf claps" to the men playing, and then talk to them at dinner about our intern program and what we do.

* I watched "Waiting For Guffman" the other night for the first time. LOVED it. It is probably my favorite Christopher Guest movie after Spinal Tap.

* The parents and younger sis Emily were in town this weekend at a nearby Christian camp. So good to see them! Had the opportunity to lead a couple nature hikes for people at the camp on Saturday. Man, it's so refreshing to be out in God's creation. Especially with such nice weather. Crisp autumn air, sunshine, trees everywhere, we even saw a banana slug!

* Found a new favorite YouTube video. It's a clip from Mad TV (which I don't watch, but someone showed the clip to me). My friend Amy is going to dress up as Bon Qui Qui for Halloween.

* My hip hop class has introduced me to fun music (I probably wouldn't normally listen to). The songs we dance to pump me up and then when I get home, I jump on iTunes to see if I can find them. Favorites right now: Cassie ("Me & U"), Kardinal Offishal ("Dangerous"), Craig David ("Walking Away"), Ashtar Command ("Blister of the Spotlight"), Timbaland ("The Way I Are"), etc. And by the way, do you all know that David Cook has his first single out!?!?! Go get it, friends! It's called "Light On".

* T-minus 4 weeks till my nephew is born!!

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Amy said...

Sounds like you have been having a blast! As for the speaking engagement, learning new things are always good, never pass up an opportunity to improve. I am so glad that the braces are not killing you, my heart really went out to you when you got them on. And yeah for nephews that are almost here!