Sunday, September 21, 2008

amazing weekend

This past weekend was off the hook. (I don't think people say that anymore, but oh well)

Friday - roomates Annie and Lori and I headed to a farm where you can pick apples and strawberries! I have never done that...picking straight from the tree and plant. We put our hair in pigtails and listened to country music the whole way there. When we arrived, we met an 80 year old man named Norm who was reading a John Grisham novel under a shed out in the field. He showed us where we could pick and informed us it was 2 bucks per pound of apples, $1.50 per pound of berries. Let's go!

I am officially in love with all things farm-related. It was so much fun! After we had picked to our heart's content, we celebrated with a fresh slice of olallieberry pie a la mode right next to the general store/antique shop. Precious.

That night I went out to drinks/appetizers/desserts with all the roomates. One (Jessica) is leaving for New Zealand for 3 months this Tuesday. So it was the last time all 7 of us were going to be together. Another roomate (Copey) works at a ritzy hotel and spa so we went there to par-tay. What a wonderful evening. I love those ladies.

Saturday I did something else I have never done. I went to a barn dance! There is another farm (in the opposite direction of Friday's farm) that has a harvest day, potluck dinner, and barn dance the third Saturday of every month. We heard about it from a friend so we went. Way too much fun! It was so great to see people of all ages and all walks of life coming together to work, enjoy a meal together, and then dance their hearts out. There was a band, a "Caller", and everything. Dance party!! Everyone was sweating, smiling, and laughing the whole time. I took a video of one of the dances we learned (it's after the next few pictures).

And then Sunday after church was something very special. Beach baptisms! I have never been to a beach baptism before (all I have seen have been indoors) but what made it even more special was that I got to assist my boss. It was so humbling and amazing being out in the water and being a part of two of my students' baptisms. It was a church-wide baptism so anyone who wanted to could do it. I think there were 10 of us pastors and directors in the water and we baptized over 80 people. It was incredible!! I will never forget it.

play time!!

amazing weekend.


Emily Bertholic said...

Wow, you LUCKY DUCK! All those things make me miss living in Santa Cruz. I love Gizdich...went there every year for berries in the summer, and apples in the fall, from the time I was 9 until we started raising support. And I miss the beach! I want to swim in the ocean again. I don't dare swim in anything but the pool, here. There are deadly snakes in the laskes and rivers. Ugh! I'm glad you had such a great weekend. =)

Amanda said...

Just yesterday my youngest, Anoe, said Frosted Flakes were off the hook. So people do still say that. At least all the cool people! he he :)

WOW! Your weekend does sound amazing. That must of been so cool to go pick your own apples and strawberries! So jealous!! We have baptisms in our local lake once a year in the summer, but in the ocean? OMGsh, that would be the coolest ever! Just WOW!! So amazing.

Jody said...

Baptisms make me weep uncontrollably.

And...You like farming, too??? Rememeber last night when I was all, "I love farming, etc. etc."? That was youre cue to say, "Me too! I just picked produce and I loved it. Let's get together and do farm stuff!"
Instead you maintained eye contact and nodded.