Thursday, August 28, 2008

black widow spiders

This weekend I am taking the 6 student leaders (for the college group) away on a two-day retreat, so I have taken yesterday and today off. has been so lovely. I've been getting caught up on errands, laundry, cleaning my room, sleeping. Good times.

The big news in our house this week is that we came upon a flippin' black widow spider in the downstairs bedroom! What the crap! I mean, I know we have them in the area and they probably have congregated in our shed and garage...but to come inside the HOUSE? What gall!

Copey (the roomate who lives in that downstairs room) said that is the second one she has seen in her room in 2 weeks! Nah-uh, not okay. So we called our landlord and the pest control peeps in the area. The guy is here right now checking inside and around our house. He just informed me we have a "bad spider problem". Not just with the widows (he found several of their webs outside) but all other types of spiders.

So, my friends, it looks like we will be getting the "spray". We all have to leave the house sometime tomorrow so they can come in and spray around our house. Ewww! But hopefully it will take care of the problem.

Before I go, let me leave you with a picture of our friend we found the other night. We captured her in this jar and left her on the porch to die. But she didn't. So then I tried drowning her but she hung on. It finally came down to the last resort. *FLUSH*

She is now in spider heaven and I feel no remorse.


Amy said...

Ewww...we used to have a TON of black widows at our old house. So glad we don't have that problem anymore. It gets really creepy when they hide under the kid's backyard toys. We would do a spider check before they could play. Yuck!

Emily Bertholic said...

EWWW GROSS! A bad spider problem is my worst nightmare. I HATE spiders. I hope the spray takes care of the horrid little things! Ugh, now I've got the heebie jeebies!

NixonsMamma said...

Ewww! I feel itchy all over.