Sunday, July 13, 2008

Amy and David are having a...

I shared awhile ago that older sister Amy is prego. She just finished week 21, I believe. And we now know the baby's gender!

Amy and David FOR SURE thought it would be a boy. Which I then said would mean that God would give them a girl. I think my parents and other two sisters were split, half thinking boy, half thinking girl. We started some fun smack talk about what the wrong-guessers would have to give the correct-guessers once we found out the news.

So anyway, it is time to reveal whether Sarah will have a niece or a nephew!! This is exactly how I was told:

"Ok Sarah, are you ready? Drum roll, please.....(I "drummed" on the nearby table with my hands).......penis!"

I have a weird family.


Emily Bertholic said...

That's so funny!!!
When the doctor told me I was having a girl, she used the terminology "Big Mac" to describe what she saw down there...Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I love your family! Classic Marsh!
Give them all my love and hugs.
Amy's baby will be the first to break the cycle of girls born in the family! What will your dad and david do?


Smarshie said...

My dad is so stoked. Soon the guys in the family will be outnumbering the ladies!