Monday, June 16, 2008

gettin' ready

First off, the fire is contained. Yeah! That is great news. The firefighters were studmuffins and worked tirelessly for 5 days straight to put out the fire. (On Saturday, we went outside and saw our cars covered with ash - crazy)

Right now, I am in the gettin'-ready-mode. We have had the last few weeks off of college group to get ready for the summer and now it is time to start up again for summer. We kick off Wednesday with a BBQ. So Intern Jeff and I made a trip to good ol' Costco (samples!) to stock up on all the food. We've cleaned the house and garage, front and back porch, put up decorations, etc.

But then I am also getting ready for Greece. It's strange because we kick off for summer this Wednesday...and then I leave on Sunday for 2 weeks. Oh well! Vacation!! =) I'm doing all my last minute errands, laundry, exchanging money, etc. It still doesn't seem real. I'm really going to Europe in 6 days??

I hope you all had a nice Father's Day yesterday. My dad's birthday is today, so we had a two-fer last night. We celebrated him as a dad and we celebrated his life. The whole fam was at my parent's house so I got to rub Amy's belly. They get to find out the gender in two weeks! Amy and David are so sure they're going to have a boy, but I believe that means they're going to have a girl.

Ok, back to work. Love you all.

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