Friday, August 17, 2007

Time with Mel

College roomate Melanie was here on vacay last week. Party all the time! We started having fun on Day One and the fun did not end until she left. Here are some of the good times:

* We went creekwalking and picked berries...and then went home and made blackberry milkshakes. Mmmmm...

* Mel came to the college group on Wed. night. They all loved her, of course.

* Day in San Fran! Giants game, Union Square, St. Francis elevator to the 32nd floor, cable car ride, Ghiradellis Square, shopping, Fisherman's Wharf, Rainforest Café for dinner, and our new BFF: James the taxi driver

* Mel and I hiking down to the river with the roomates. Then, Mel made us a yummy dinner.

* Day in Monterey! Whale watching (we saw 2 humpbacks, seal lions, seals, and sea otters) Eating clam chowder over the ocean while the seal lions frolicked and played nearby.

* Hanging out downtown. Watching Hairspray (my 2nd time - love it!) Buying Pizza My Heart shirts. People-watching at its finest.

* Mel came to church with me Sunday morning and watched me run around like a bandit. Typical. ha ha

* Beach Boardwalk 100th Year Celebration! The obligitory ride on the Giant Dipper and eating lots of salt water taffy.

Miss you, Mel! It was so fun having you here.

And can I again just say how much I love summer??

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