Monday, May 21, 2007

Nerf Assassins

Have you ever played Nerf Assassins? I remember playing in college. Basically, anyone who wants to play goes out and buys a Nerf gun. When the game starts you are given a name. Your job is to hunt that person down and shoot them with one of your darts. If you are successful, the person you shot is now "dead" (out of the game) and they have to give you the name of the person they were going to hunt. You then go after that new name. And you keep playing until there is only one person left.

We thought this would be a fun activity for the college group to do. So we got 25 students to sign up and the game began! Paranoia ensued. People would walk to school, work, home, college group with their Nerf guns held tightly in their hands and looking around as if any minute someone would pop out behind a car and get them. It was hilarious. The first day after the game started I picked up a student and we were driving to the church to meet everyone for a bowling night. We pulled into the parking lot, talking. I parked and then reached down to grab my bag. When I lifted my head, I looked out my left window and screamed. This is what I saw:

The, I looked to my right to see if we could jump out that side of my car and make a run for it. And we saw this:

So we were stuck inside my car. Good times.

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