Sunday, February 04, 2007

Where's Waldo?

Thank goodness for weekends. I am feeling better about the whole situation at work. I realized that worrying about stuff doesn't change anything (duh, Sarah) and I feel God has given me some calm in the midst of this weird time. I rested a lot this weekend and I think it was just what I needed: physically, emotionally, mentally, you name it. I was able to just be. If I found myself thinking about work or my students, I had to quickly think of something else. Do any of you struggle with this? It is definitely a discipline.

On a kind of fun note, last night I was in one of my roomate's rooms and she has a stack of Where's Waldo books. Oh, the nostalgia! I remember being SO into those when I was in junior high. So I grabbed a few and went for it. Ok, when did all these new characters appear?! There's Wenda and Wilma - twin sisters who show up in different books and Waldo apparently dates both of them (scandalous...), his dog Woof with the striped tail, Wizard Whitebeard with his red/white/blue striped staff, and Odlaw the villian who looks like Waldo except his stripes are yellow instead of red and he has a moustache...which of COURSE signifies he is the bad guy. Coincidentally, "Odlaw" is "Waldo" spelled backwards. Ooooo...these guys are clever!!

Man, those books are fun. Next time you go to your local library, hunt 'em down and have fun. There is subtle humor in the pictures which I didn't get as a kid but totally enjoyed as an adult. Things like mermaids in a river, smiling and waving at men on shore. The guys run over to the edge to make kissy-faces and their nearby girlfriends look annoyed at the mermaids with their hands on their hips. Or a bunch of dudes trying to trap a bear as it comes out of a cave. They are all pointing, laughing, and sticking their tongues out at it because it's about to be captured but then you see behind the guys are some bigger bears on their hind legs tapping them on the shoulders and looking pissed. Love it!

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