Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weekend O' Fun

I am home from the weekend and still trying to recover. Zzzz....

What a great time we had. I rented a big ol' GMC Yukon XLT or whatever those beasts are. That thing was MONSTROUS! And amazing to drive. I felt so high and so powerful. I could cram 8 people (including myself) in that bad boy plus tons of luggage. And yeah for 4 wheel drive because boy did we need it.

The snow was so great. Best snow I have probably ever skiied in. I guess Tahoe has had no snow all season...until this weekend! Thanks, God! It snowed all weekend so we were always walking, skiing, snowboarding, or playing in feet of fresh snow. It was so soft and perfect. Man, it was hard to come home!

I had good times with my students. Getting to know them better, having good talks in the car, in our condo, or on the ski lifts. We played lots of games, ate super well (we had someone come and cook for us all weekend. Yummmmm), and took a million pictures. This seemed like the perfect weekend to go because not only did we have fresh snow, but it wasn't crowded at ALL. This coming weekend will be nuts because of President's Day. Sah-weet.

Well, that was my one trip to the snow for the year. Can't wait till 2008 for the next one. That seems so far away. *sob*

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